About Us

Fino Custom Clothiers has been serving New Jersey and the greater New York City area for almost a decade. Ever since the opening of Fino Custom’s first location in Lakewood, we have radically redefined the manner in which fashionable men shop for clothes.
Establishing Fino Custom was the natural progression to our existing tailor shops in New Jersey. After much research and education in the fashion and textile industry, we were inspired to offer quality, custom-made men’s clothing at affordable pricing, bringing one-of-a-kind fashion pieces to New Jersey and New York City.
Shopping for custom clothes at Fino is not just a quick trip to the store. It is an experience unlike any other. Our clients get to create unique pieces that exude their personal style and fashion sense. We craft each garment to fit the individual, creating a much more comfortable feel than off-the-rack clothes from a local department store.
Our client loyalty is the result of care, professionalism, and style invested in every stitch. No customer leaves with their Fino Custom clothes unless they are 100% satisfied.