About Us

Ever since the opening of Fino Custom Clothiers in Lakewood, the manner in which knowledgeable consumers shop for suits has been radically redefined.

Fino's savvy clients understand that what they wear projects their image to the world. They have places to go and people to meet. Aware that clothes make the man, Fino's clients have discovered the secret to success: Looking the part and dressing the part with a perfectly customized suit as only Fino can create.

Establishing Fino Custom Clothiers was the natural progression to our existing tailor shops in the New Jersey area. Many clients frequented our tailor shops, with standard, non-custom suits in tow. Each client was unhappy with his suit for a different reason. The fits were consistently poor.

After much research and education in the field, we were inspired to offer custom-made suits at affordable pricing, revolutionizing the way an average consumer shops for his suit.
Many clients ordered a Fino after admiring their colleague or peer attired in one of our custom-made masterpieces. The cycle of friend-referring-friend resulted in Fino becoming a household name amongst the better-dressed members of society.

Our customer loyalty is the result of the care, professionalism and style invested in each stich. No customer leaves with their Fino work of art unless they are 100% satisfied. We won't have it any other way.